Top Five Dog Parks in Atlanta!

Atlanta Dog Park

Here's a list for all of the dog-loving, adventurous, park-seeking Atlanta residents in need of a place to take their buddy for some exercise!

1. Morningside Nature Preserve

Morningside Nature Preserve

Okay, so it's not a dog park. However, Morningside Nature Preserve offers amazing hiking trails along with a fantastic creek, perfect for the adventurous dog-lovers to let their pups take a swim! This beautiful preserve smack in the middle of Morningside is doggy heaven, and you'll find many hikers with off-leash pups roaming the trails and enjoying the creek on a hot day. Obviously, this is not a good off-leash choice for dogs without a reliable recall. If your pup can stick close off-leash and loves to chase ducks in the creek, this is going to be your new favorite spot! Parking is available at the start of the trails, only a short walk from the creek.

2. Newtown Dream Dog Park

Newtown Dream Dog Park

Located in Johns Creek north of Atlanta, the Newtown Dream Dog Park is a fantastic spot full of kid pools, a neat fountain, a bridge, and turf in lieu of sod. It's the best place to bring your pup if you want to let him splash around without all of the mud. I've never seen overcrowding at this park, which is great! Newtown Dream Dog Park features a moderate-sized section for bigger dogs, with a modest section for small dogs. Each section is fenced in. Parking here is a breeze, with a lot right next to the dog park and plenty of space for everyone.

3. Oakhurst Dog Park

Oakhurst Dog Park

Looking for a shady alternative to the open field-style dog parks? Look no further! Oakhurst Dog Park is a large park that features two sections, fully fenced in. One section is a wooded area with trails and plenty of nooks and crannies for dogs to explore. The other section is wide and open, perfect for dogs who just want to fetch! There is no division in this park for small and large dogs. One thing to keep in mind if you're hoping to visit this park is that there is no dedicated parking area for the dog park.

4. Brookhaven Dog Park

Brookhaven Dog Park

Brookhaven Dog Park is an amazing, beautiful place with tons of grass, lots and lots of open space, some shaded benches, and friendly park-goers. This is one of my favorite places to go with my lab! However, this park is NOT advised for dogs who aren't so great with recall or who like to explore the periphery. There's no fencing to keep them in, so only visit if you're absolutely confident with your dog's training. The park has plenty of parking available adjacent to the grassy portion, however. While the park is not actually designated for off-leash dogs and is not a typical dog park, it's definitely treated like one by the local residents. Off-leash adventures are at your own risk!

5. Piedmont Dog Park

Piedmont Dog Park

I love the huge dog park right in the center of Atlanta! It's big enough that, on a slower day, you and your pup can have a lot of space all to yourselves. The park is mostly covered in wood chips, which is helpful in keeping the muddy spots to a minimum. However, after a good rain, expect plenty of decent-sized mud holes in the areas that aren't well covered by chips. I also advise that you visit on weekdays or during work hours if you want to avoid doggy rush hour! This place gets PACKED on the weekends, and can honestly be very overwhelming (especially for dogs who like to have a little personal space). This park is fully fenced for pup safety. Parking can be found in a paid lot nearby.

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