Do positive methods work for "tough" dogs?

Some people with "tough" breeds or who would like to train their dogs for protection work find it hard to believe that these dogs can be trained with reward-based, positive methods (the same methods I use to train dogs). However, I'd like to share this video to prove them wrong! Harrison K-9 trains german shepherds for protection, scent searching, and as guard dogs for the home. These dogs are so highly trained that they are sold for up to $200,000! The owner of the training business has also trained dogs for special Navy Seals operations. He is proud that he has trained all of these dogs using ONLY force-free methods: no choke collars, no ear pinches, no shock collars, smacks to the nose, or "alpha" training. The dogs are trained so well that they will not accept food unless in the presence (and with the permission) of the handler. They won't even take steak from a stranger!

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